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God Bless Ma'am Ching

Truly! how great thou Art! Ma'am Ching was able to gather all these materials from kind people.
      After Ma’am Ching’s feeding last school year 2012-2013, she kept telling that some of her friends were convincing her to discontinue the Children of God advocacy since it has greatly affected her health. However, she already had plans on how to pursue her advocacy and she planned it all throughout summer vacation. And the evidences were cleared and posted on her FB account.
These large calderine has caused my pain (heart enlargement) but 160 boys and girl find great joy with it. I cooked their foods here.

       Does God only touch the heart of those whose has been so concerned with others like Ma’am Ching?
‘Cause in spite of how weak she is, she shared whatever she could shared to her Children of God. Even me wanted to let her pause for a while with her advocacy and hope she will be in better shape. In fact, we(me and her LAGES Children of God members)  always prioritize her health on our prayers before taking her sumptuous meals. I could not really fathom the wisdom of the Lord for touching Ma’am Ching to be an instrument of kindness. When others are so rude yet strong and healthy but here comes Ma’am Ching who is so inspired to help but then weak and sickly.
In fact, we(me and her LAGES Children of God members)  always prioritize her health on our prayers before taking her sumptuous meals.

Ma'am Ching's good friend Dr. Otana. She was once a donor of her advocacy.
          She texted me last Wednesday, May 30, 2013. And Voila! I arrived at her house with files and bags and school supplies. She instructed me to update our blogsite and took pictures of all these school materials so she could acknowledge everybody who has extended their help with her advocacy. Ah kaya pala she can’t stop because she has been an outlet of other’s kindness. Her former students, co-workers, acquaintances and friends shared their blessings through her advocacy. She told me all their stories on how she got their help and I could not digest all of them. But I felt happy listening to all her blah!blah! since they were stories of helping others. T’was I could say, God still has left lots of battalion here on earth. And Ma’am Ching is their wakeup call.
Personalized Children of of God
      Ma’am Ching could barely move but her minds were always for the goodness of her dearest Children of God. I could not help to watch her pack these things, so I managed to place all the school materials inside the handsome personalized Children of God bag. It was cute and any child, who would wear it, could be an envy of others. While inserting the materials inside the bag, I remember my declamation piece about a young girl who took some school materials from a store and she was put to trial for not paying them. And it sounds like this:

Notebook for you!
                “Kumuha po ako ang papel at lapis para iguhit lahat ng pangarap ko. Kukulayan ko po ito ng magandang-maganda, nang sa ganun magkaroon ng kulay ang buhay ko. At buburahin ko po bawat pagkakamali aking magagawa. Nang sa ganun kahit sa papel man lamang, maging perpekto aking buhay. .  . Your honor masama po ba ang mangarap?”
I find great joy with my advocacy that's why I can't let it loss.

                But with the alliance of kind people through Ma’am Ching, some young girls won’t commit these wrong deeds. So, our heartfelt gratitude to the following for helping us realize the dreams of some LAGES and DSDES students:
These erasers were from Butch Benitez.

There are 170 school bags and all these are donated by Engr. Angelito Villegas 10 k, Rey Alegarbes 2,500 , May Aronakes 1,000 I added few hundred only..............but without Angelito Villegas who donated such big amount i won't be brave to order personalized schoolbags for the children....... why? my money all goes to my medicines and doctor's fees..........

Papers from Stella Ganzon

Notebooks donated by USEP Lab School Batch 1983

From Engr. Elaine and Jed Tan

          Let me share this beautiful homely of Father Montaña, a Rogationist priest. He was talking about how St. Francis of the Assisi relate the importance of sharing the least that you have, that every time you share a little of what you have; you become a Eucharist to others. (Miira S. Ellevera 6/2/2013)

Arch Engr.Angelito  Villegas  10,000  H.S. batch '78 4/2/2013 170  SCHOLBAGS (added 10) 14,000
REY  ALEGARBES 2,500 H.S.batch'80 4/3/2013 PENCIL  SHARPENERS 400
MAY PAULINO ARONALES 1,000 former M.A. stdnt 3/28/2013 Additional  notebooks  520 pcs 4,700
BB Istabillo 1,000 coop board member 4/5/2013 taxi fare 220
DR. SIXTO DALEON 2,000 USEP PROF. additional   crayola , erasers, papers 1,200
FRITZY GALLIDO  3,000 USEP CAS /my Godchild   5/25/2013 total expeses  20,520
 ENGR. CHING MENDOZA 1,000 former college  stdnt 5/17/2013 D.S.D.E.S. & L.A.G.E.S.
Annie  gomez  bowling 4,120 h.s. batch '80  5/2713
total  cash donation 26,620 as of   may 27,13  
total  cash donation  
                DONATION  IN KINDS
BUTCH BENITEZ  1,000 former RMC  co.tchr
 Engr. Stella Garzon former coll, stdnt
100 pad  papers    grade 1 & 2

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